Dresscode21 — we work completely transparent!

Here you will get informed, how we produce, who produces and how much it costs.

What makes us different from other textile producers?

  1. Our ecological footprint is much smaller!
  2. We produce in Austria and its surrounding countries! So the production of the shirt takes place in our region!
  3. We and our producers work according high ecological and social stanards.

Example: Route of transportation of a “standard” T-shirt and a Dresscode21 shirt



Example: Production process of a Dresscode21 shirt

Textile production

We use the TENCEL® fibre from Lenzing AG and use the
textile produced by Arula GmbH.

ca. 10 €

Shirt production

Shirt production amongst others by Innotex Paar KG.

ca. 50 €

Production of packaging

The packaging is produced by Medienfabrik Graz

ca. 3 €

Distribution and Product Developement

Distribution, organisation, marketing and product
developement by Dresscode21 GmbH.

*includes all costs for employees, office and advertising
material. The rest is return.

ca. 35 €*


Transportation of products and material by Post AG
and/or by Mailboxes Etc.
*includes only the transportation while production. The
delivery to the customer has to be paid separately.

ca. 10 €*

Dresscode21 Shirt for the customer

Austrian product ready to buy in webshop.

ca. 110  €