Dresscode21 Shirts are for modern men of all ages when looking for an alternative to shirt&tie or t-shirt. The available alternatives for businesswomen are endless; ditto for men, exceptionally limited. The Dresscode21 Shirt feels great to wear, makes you look your best, is made of sustainable materials and offers a sense of freedom rather than holding onto old ways of dressing.

Stand out – create your own style

Our Dresscode21 Shirt offers an opportunity to stand out and to create your own style. If you look carefully you’ll find the “21“ in our name on the shirt. The “21“ in Dresscode21 symbolises clothing for a new century; a new time with new expectations and requirements.

Made in Austria

To position our Dresscode21 Shirts as a regional product is a strategic decision. We live in a time where clothes big ugly carbon footprints, where production conditions are hard to control and quality aspects are often set aside to the benefit of quantity. At Dresscode21 we know it’s possible to make a difference by choosing organic materials and improving our eco-sustainability.

Dresscode21 – Feeling innovation