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ComVantage – Collaborative Manufacturing Network for Competitive Advantage


Dresscode21 takes part in the European research project ComVantage with a research capital of 11 million Euros.

ComVantage has got a lot of objectives – one is the creation of a great company network to work together product-oriented. Furthermore data shall be distributed flexible within the network, and the end-customer shall be integrated in the production process. All these objectives will allow small and medium sized companies to compete with large industries within Europe. One result of ComVantage will be mobile applications.

Dresscode21 takes part with others such as SAP, Dresden University, University of Vienna, etc. to build this network.
Are you interested in being part of our producer network? If so, contact us via the contact form or on the phone: +43 (0)699 150 29 377. We are always happy to welcome new partners in our network.

The graphic below shows one use case, Dresscode21 is involved in:

In the future customer will be able to order their products via mobile applications which are easy to use. Furthermore they can modify the products according to their needs and select specific producers out of the ComVantage network.


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Our ComVantage Research Partner
K&A BOC Uni Vienna BGU
Uni Dresden Innovalia Comau Evidian

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